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MediaBit solves problems

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Statistical Reporting of TV Usage

Once installed MediaBit will constantly report whether you HD TV is on or off, providing statistical data that can easily be viewed with our graphical charting anywhere in the world.

You have complete control over the data recorded and presented, we offer the best quality so your experience is easy and insightful.


Turn on all your CEC equipment at the simple click of one button.

MediaBit offers several activity buttons to turn on the correct equipment for each activity without setup. Watch TV, Watch BlueRay, Listen to Music, etc.

Power Management

MediaBit allows users to control the power state of all TV's located in a Business or Home from one central location.

Control the power manually or automatically allowing for significant power savings, without the hassle of going to each television.


Easy to use and install

You don't need to have any advanced technical experience to install or use the MediaBit. Setup in minutes with a few simply button clicks on the device.

Utilize either our mobile app or a Desktop Browser

MediaBit is perfect for everyone.

You don't need to have great technical experience to use our product.

Why worry about remembering where each remote is and what it goes too and universal remotes are difficult to setup require seperate codes for every device. MediaBit gives you simply controls without setting up each device.


Our Mobile App Provides you with Alerts

MediaBit can alert you the current status of your television and if it has been disconnected.

credit-card No Monthly Costs

MediaBit has no fees after it is purchased. Set it up and use it freely.

dev Multiple Platforms

Connect and use MediaBit on a variety of platforms.

globe Setup Locally, Monitor Globally

MediaBit provides you with statistical data any where in the world.

support 24/7 Support

We're always happy to offer support if you happen to have any problems simply contact us.

mail Notifications

Recieve notifications by email, text, or notifications.

locked Safe and Secure

All data traffic is encrypted using the latest security protocols.