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Track and Control.

Utilize our mobile app to track and control media usage

MediaBit combines WiFi and CEC protocol

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Track usage and status in your app in real time

Check out all the features that we offer

Do you want an easier way to track Television use?

MediaBit is easy to use and perfect for any HD TV.

We offer several ways to use your product.

Whether you want to login from a PC or Mobile Device - MediaBit has a complete solution for you.


A fully featured well designed webpage for easy access.

You can track the average usage and peak usage per day or per week.

Simply login and click on statistics

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Your own dashboard

MediaBit allows you to view and monitor TV use with your own dashboard.

Easy to use Interfaces

Simple to use and easy to learn.

Works on all platforms

MediaBit works on all platforms using a web browser or app.

Don't just take our word for it.

MediaBit has helped me keep track of my childrens tv and gameplay use, especially for the tv in their bedrooms.
Anna Alvar
I really like how easy it is to use! It is something everybody should have.
Jessica Jones